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Contained within these pages is information regarding our office and practice model. We hope that this information will give you an understanding of our practice and how we can serve your health care needs.
Staff Model
The office staff model includes chiropractor and physical therapist services.

Practice Model

We consider ourselves non-surgical neuromusculoskeletal specialists, and rely strongly upon evidence based treatment and diagnostic protocols. Our care focus is the spine and adjacent regions including the shoulder and hip, but we also provide assessment and care of upper and lower extremity problems. Our practice is unique among chiropractors and physical therapists in that we employ manipulation/adjustments and other established procedures including myofascial release, traction, McKenzie protocols, exercise and rehabilitation.  It is the appropriate selection and successful blending of these procedures that leads to the best clinical outcomes.

We believe that our care is complimentary to, rather than competitive with other health care disciplines, and we embrace a holistic model of health care that includes general lifestyle approaches and teaching patients how to best manage their own health care needs. We will work with other health care providers in a team approach to provide the best integrative care for each of our patients.

Yours in health,

William Tellin, D.C.

Frank Imbarlina, D.C.
Sean Mathers, D.C., D.P.T.

Michael Schneider, D.C., Ph.D.